Make Your
Work Flow.

Show your team when you are available to talk and when
you want to stay in your zone.



Working together is great — except when you need to
do work on your own.

Do you remember the last time you were in the zone, finally concentrating and plowing through work? And then, right at the peak of your productivity, a pertinent request, maybe even an innocent greeting from a trusted colleague — killed it.

Your momentum gone, you blinked at the screen and went to the water cooler. It would be hours (maybe days) before you got back into that kind of zone...

No longer. You, and everyone else you work with, can signal your status with a klik. Opt-in to collaboration and co-working at the right time for you and your colleagues. And opt-out when you need to zone in on your work.

Simply klik with the people around you.


Create your zone at the office, coworking space, coffee shop, school
and at home

“Busy/Free status messages are one of those things I always wish existed in the real world. They're such simple ways to communicate the simple message of "please don't bother me right now." I never thought I'd get it and then... Klik. So awesome.“

Aaron Harris, Co-Founder at Tutorspree in NYC

“My Klik already paid for itself on the first day. I get far less disruptions and can get work done easier.“

Walter Hessert, Co-Founder at DerbyJackpot in NYC


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